Artes Japonica: Armour

O-YOROI [017] papered

O-yoroi of the 2nd half of the Edo period.

In very good condition, this o-yoroi is complete and comes with a twin set of yoroi-bitsu, each with a MON on 3 sides, and a BONJI on one (shown in one photograph).

The shikoro, yodare-kake, dô, kusazuri and sode are all in kittsuke-kozane and laced in multi-colored silk odoshi. The orange and white rows were restored recently. 

The kabuto is a 62-ken is in natural russet iron

The signature reads:  NOBUIE

The menpo is in natural russet iron with yasuri (etched grooves) on its entire surface.

The natural russet iron (cuirasse) is embossed (uchidashi) on the front, that in itself a beautiful work of art, representing a dragon

The haidate are lacquered neri-kawa. The sangu are, of course, matching. The suneate are iron, and lacquered black.

Comes with its two matching yoroi-bitsu (boxes).

NKBKHK certification of Koshu Tokubetsu Kicho Shiryo

PRICE: price on request


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