Artes Japonica: Sword fittings/tsuba

Sukashi-zu TSUBA [004]

Early to Mid-Edo period (Genroku period) tsuba.

Mumei, but is attributed to Ono according to the NBTHK hozon certificate.

Ono (or Ouno) school craftsmen were very active during the same period as Yagyu school ironsmiths during the entire Edo period. The color of the iron of the Yagyu school seems to be grayish-blue whereas the Ouno school iron has a reddish tint to the iron.

This tsuba is more like that of the Yagyu school. There is the tekkotsu on the mimi. The surface is slightly "rough", for want of a better word. It's one of the characteristics of the Yagyu and Ouno school tsuba. 

One can find similar designs in Owaro, Ko-Akasaka, Akita-Shoami-denbei and Higo Hayashi school tsuba. The feeling and opinion of some experts is that this tsuba was made for a shorter sword such as used by those who trained in the Yagyu school.

63.6mm  x 58.4mm  x  7.0mm (come with a storage case)

Comes with a NBTHK hozon paper.

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