Artes Japonica: Sword fittings/tsuba

Akasaka school tsuba

Tsuba (MUMEI); attributed to the 4th generation Akasaka Tadadoki

Akasaka school tsuba is one of the most popular schools when it comes to sukashi style tsuba. It is rare to see a tsuba which is attributed to the 4th generation Takadoki (certified). It is not unusual to find "Akasaka" and "Akasaka Tadatoki, but a 4th generation Akasaka Takadoki is quite rare.

There are 2 Akasaka schools: "Ko-Akasaka" and simply "Akasaka". "Ko-Akasaka" indicates the older tsuba which were made by the 1st generation Tamadasa, 2nd generation Tamadasa and the 3rd generation Tadatora. We do not know of any signed tsuba in "Ko-Akasaka".

The tsuba's iron surface has an "uneven" surface like "tekkotsu" and looks like a "Ko-Akasaka" tsuba and has that same powerful feeling.

- Tsuba has a NBTHK Hozon certificate ("Akasaka 4th generation Tadatoki). Estimated to be 330 years old. 

- Height: 81.5mm

- Width: 80.0mm

- Thickness: 6.55mm (thickness at the mimi: 5.85mm)

Price: SOLD


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