Artes Japonica: Armour

Lord's armour, signed and in exc. cond.

For the 2nd time this year we offer to our clients a lord's armour, in excellent condition, so excellent in fact that it was chosen by a museum which was having a retrospective on Japanese armours. More details later...


52-ken kabuto (52 is a very rare number of lames), signed NAKAHACHIMAN (also pronound Nakayawata) Yoshikazu. The menpo is also signed by this same armoursmith. The inside is entirely lacquered gold, as is the reverse side of all the others elements of the armour. This particular detail is attributed only to very high-ranking members of the nobility class.
The shikoro and tare is in honzokane. The 'e-gawa' on the fukikaeshi, gyoyo, and haidate is all original and in very good original condition. The maedate is the one which came with the armour, represents a dragonfly and has articulated wings covered with thin bits of mother-of-pearl.

The menpo is very well forged, with scalloped cheeks, accened and pronounced (elongated) chin and dropping yak's hair mustache.

The is entirely in honkozane and the lacing thorughout (original) is a light blue silk which is a nice contrast to the usual navy-blue lacing we usually see.
The lacing is in good condiiton.

The MON (crests) are that of the type called "kiku-sui"; a chrysanthemum floating in a stream of moving water. These are present on the the kabuto and the gyôyô in gilted barss.

The sangu are all matching (kote, haidate and suneate) and backed with a yellowish gold coloured silk. The sode are trimmed with e-gawa and in honkozane.
The yoroi comes with a pair of Edo period shoes, bear-fur covered and are in good condition.


Last year the Prefectural Museum of Chiba had an exhibit entitled the "The evolution in the style and form of Japanese Armor" and this armour was chosen to represent a high-level armour of the 2nd half of the Edo period.
The helmet is dated to be 1840. We will supply the museum catalogue with this as proof of it having been exhibited and published.

The armour was also submitted a few years ago to the NKBKHK and comes with the rank just below that of Juyo. The certificate also comes with this armour. Included are 2 yoroi boxes lacquered in black and a sashimono (very fragile) which is placed behing the armour giving it an overall grand effect.

Price: SOLD, with thanks


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