Artes Japonica: Helmets

62-ken kabuto Myochin Nobuie

Very heavy at 3.6 kg, a 62 lame kabuto signed Myôchin Nobuie [kao].
The construction is typical of that school, from back to front, and slightly egg-shaped if one looks from the top.
Additionally, there are three inscription on the from lames which are the names of Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines invoking good luck.
The exact translations will be available after we receive the NKBKHK certificate of Koshû Tokubetsu Kichô Siryô which it received in November 2016.
Its is believed to date to just before the Edo period and may be of the 3rd generation of the Myochin Nobuie group.
Nice for the collector who likes early pieces.


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