Artes Japonica: Armour

Interesting armour, signed kabuto, detachable shikoro and more

This is a very reasonably priced armour.

Yet it boasts of a number of interesting and unusual features.
- The kabuto is a slightly momonaru-shaped piece, iron, and signed [Nao-Nori].  The interesting and relatively rare feature is the removable shikoro held in place by pivoting pins.  Lacquered black with a sun disk in kinpaku on the front. Period maedate.
- The menpo is quite nice, russet iron and nicely formed chin and cheeks.
- The dou which is a 6-section cuirass (roku-mai-do) whereas most are go (5) mai-do. lacquered gold inside. Iron construction.
- the sode & kote are constructed to be joined together. The sode are turtle-shaped (iron) and the forearms are iron, lacquered black.

Of course this comes with the haidate and suneate making it complete as well as a period storage box.


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