Artes Japonica: Helmets

Saiga kabuto

Kabuto produced by the smiths from the area of Saika in Kii Province (present day Wakayama) were distinctive in that they features a set of prominet chrysanthemum rings set around the tehen, the better ones having standing rivets.

Legend has it that they were inspired by the discovery of an ancient iron helmet that had washed up on the shores of that province in the 15th century. This particular kabuto is very classical made of six large plates with another large one on top in the shape of a chysanthemum. All the plates are held in place by "zaboshi" type standing rivets. Lacquered in sabiji-nuri.

A neat feature: the fukigaeshi on the right side folds forward to facilitate the archer when he draws his string back. Rare.
Comes complete, with bonji maedate, helmet liner, agemaki.

SOLD!! (in just one day!)


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