Artes Japonica: Helmets

Akoda-nari kabuto (signed)

This is a helmet known as an akoda-nari kabuto because its shape resembles the akoda pumpkin. Looking at it from the side one sees that its higher at the back then the front and indents slightly in the center. It is composed of 18 plates and is decorated by shinodare made of russet iron all around the helmet bowl. The ring which holds the agemaki at the rear is original and is also made of iron.
The tehen is also iron and is original to that kabuto (a few "petals" are missing but we have taken this into considaration re. the pricing.

The signature reads:
[Myochin] Kashu-ju Munetaka-tsuru

Comes with its edo period maedate

Very early Edo period, possible pre-Edo.

Price: write us


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