Artes Japonica: Armour

Black Lacquered armor, complete & in excellent condition

A black lacquered Suit of armor
Edo Priod (19th century)

The armor is lacquered black entirely, and laced in dark blue with the lowest lame of each componet covered with e-gawa and trimed with gilded fukurin.
This armor is comprised of a 36-plate kabuto, with shinodare both front and back. Interestingly, four of the plates are lacquered chocolate brown (see overhead photo) which gives it a distinguished touch. The kabuto has a four-stage kirisuke-kozane shikoro. The mabisashi is finished with e-gawa and mounted by a gilt  kuwagata-dai with scrolling vines and is edged with the same twisted rope style fukurin.

The face mask is neri-kawa, lacquered black and has a boar-bristle mustache (in excellent condition) and fitted with a 5-lame throat guard, the last one being covered with e-gawa and edged with the same kind of fukurin found on other elements.

The ni-mai-do is also lacquered black, in nerikawa, but very heavy, and fitted with 5-lame kusazuri in kiritsuke-kozane, each bottom lame covered in e-gawa and trimed with gilt fukurin, matching those on the kabuto and other elements. The sode are in the same pattern and are. also in excellent condition.
The sleeves are constructed of slose-fitting steel plates lacquered black on the forearms and the upper portions with black-lacqered chain-mail. Kawara-haidate, black lacquered suneate. A stand is provided.

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